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Blue Sky Dogs: Training for the Family Dog and Puppy

Blue Sky Dogs in the City is located at
The Dog Bowl
in the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center on Cantrell

Training your canine companion can be rewarding! At Blue Sky, I offer individualized private lessons for your puppy or family dog. I can meet you in your home (Heights/Hillcrest, WLR and Mumelle). Balanced positive reinforcement techniques are used, encompassing the need of the "whole dog" with the understanding that people have busy schedules and the dog's training has to fit into the way the family lives its life.

Feel free to drop by the Dog Bowl in the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center on Cantrell Road in Little Rock.

Colleen Backus has been training dogs in the Little Rock area for many years. At home, the Blue Sky pack consists of several Border Collies and a mixed breed. Her dogs have appeared in multiple area productions and events, and Colleen has made many local television appearances promoting responsible pet ownership through training. Whether helping a puppy adjust to life in a new home or solving complex behavioral problems, Colleen is passionate about creating stronger bonds between people and their four-legged family members.

If I can assist you with your dog training needs, please contact me.

Colleen Backus
501-551-1409 (Blue Sky cell phone)

Blue Paw Prints

This site is dedicated to
Champion Alibi's Wild Montana Skies
March 3, 1998 - Nov 22, 2006
Silly in his nobility
Clumsy in his grace
Leader of our pack, master of our hearts.

Blue Paw Prints